Our Values

Our core values ensure you get the best service and peace of mind

Less speed, more haste

We carry out extensive research to ensure that you can get the best experience from your travels at the best price.

Personal service

We are confident of our ability to find the perfect trip for you and we will tailor our packages (even off the shelf) to meet your exact requirements.


We will provide all of the information you need and give impartial answers to any question you have. In the unlikely event we cannot create your perfect package we can provide alternative options, but would never push for something we do not believe is right for you.


We believe the experience is more than the show-piece event and will provide you with city guides specific for your trip, with a few suggestions to fully embrace the destination. Please feel free ask to us for more information about any of our locations, we will be happy to oblige.

Our Story

The Gurus at Sports Travel Guru are passionate about placing you at the heart of the action. Every week we send clients across Europe to some of the continent’s biggest sporting events.

Our superb breaks feature fantastic stadiums and other top venues in lively cities with lots to see and do. We provide the best value flights, from airports across the UK and Ireland and choose good quality hotels which are always close to the city centre or venue. Your package includes those all-important match tickets. The top sporting events are usually found in Europe’s most exciting cities. Some you’ll know all about, like Barcelona, Rome or Madrid, whilst others such as Berlin and Naples, may not be first on the wish list but offer fantastic weekend breaks and superb match atmospheres at great value.

Get to the heart of the action with Sports Travel Guru!